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Astuces sur les Filtres (Anglais seulement)
1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
Nom du Gardien Nom de l'ÉquipeCON SK DU EN SZ AG RB SC HS RT PH PS EX LD PO MO OV StatusSPÂgeContratSalaireLien
Carey PriceLycans100.009576989196999596969588959409092Sans Restriction03216,500,000$Lien / Lien NHL
Marc-Andre FleuryMoose100.009978998297959497987795999904491Sans Restriction03416,900,000$Lien / Lien NHL
Pekka RinneIcefield100.009386959496969895967596948906590Sans Restriction03618,400,000$Lien / Lien NHL
Robin LehnerIcefield99.009478939895969897947478738208090Avec Restriction02812,225,000$Lien / Lien NHL
Antti RaantaExpos100.009663968597959496977978516705187Sans Restriction03011,200,000$Lien / Lien NHL
Thomas GreissHellpepitos100.009389899396939695937597717402087Sans Restriction03311,750,000$Lien / Lien NHL
Jimmy HowardCousin100.009382948993959394937693547302086Sans Restriction03517,000,000$Lien / Lien NHL
Juuse SarosOutlaws100.009594868394939496918678486705085Avec Restriction0241692,500$Lien / Lien NHL
Linus UllmarkExpos100.008992868989939195917781476205084Avec Restriction0261750,000$Lien
Casey DeSmithExpos100.009490888293939394916272455801883Avec Restriction0281675,000$Lien
Alexandar GeorgievHellpepitos100.009494868192929293908780365305083Avec Restriction0231925,000$Lien
Malcolm SubbanIcefield100.008983868287928989906188587005082Avec Restriction0251650,000$Lien
Joonas KorpisaloLycans100.009294858288938890906678425705082Avec Restriction0251900,000$Lien / Lien NHL
Pheonix CopleyKings100.008689878686929089908078486805082Avec Restriction0271650,000$Lien
Al MontoyaIcefield100.008281827782888685909872347205080Sans Restriction0341650,000$Lien / Lien NHL
Michael HutchinsonTruites100.008392828082898586887975737205080Sans Restriction0291650,000$Lien / Lien NHL
Collin DeliaGoblins100.008392848183898787885660395505079Avec Restriction0251750,000$Lien
Thatcher DemkoWarpath100.008391847882888786908873426002079Avec Restriction02312,941,667$Lien
Adin HillWarpath100.008390838182908687905565515905079Avec Restriction0231925,000$Lien
Charlie LindgrenMoose100.008289837682868686895372476205078Avec Restriction0251700,000$Lien / Lien NHL
Alex LyonWarpath100.008294807781868485885262506905078Avec Restriction0261925,000$Lien
Maxime LagaceKings100.008289827781888284905362535905078Avec Restriction0261650,000$Lien
Oscar DanskIcefield100.008087867681818883945160456205078Avec Restriction0251650,000$Lien
Ken ApplebyHoodlums100.008091817781808883935160516405078Avec Restriction0241635,000$Lien
Brandon HalversonIcefield100.007991797781788582765060485805074Avec Restriction0231894,167$Lien
Dylan FergusonCousin100.007992797480788382725060405305072Contrat d'Entrée0211716,666$Lien
Le status des joueurs a été calcul basé sur le date : 2020-02-24